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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8/15 Saturday CUBAN SALSA CONCERT at Alexander LP’s Birthday party in 渋谷

生サルサ・Salsa ライブ
at アレキサンダーLP's バースデーParty!

Reservation/ 予約:
Call 03-3499-5205
Mail to

Cuban Salsa Concert
Saturday 8/15
@ CROCODILE Shibuya/渋谷クロコダイル
18:00- Door opens & DJ by Electropico
20:00-20:40 1st Show by Nuevo Viento/ヌエボ・ビエント
21:00-23:00 2nd Show by Alexander LP with his friends

Entrance fee / 入場料:
Y2500 advance/前売り, Y3000 at door/当日
Venue/ 場所:
渋谷区神宮前6-18-8 ニュー関口ビルB1

Alexander LP (g,vo), Jorge "CoCo" Escalante (per) ,
北原実(bass), あびる竜太(key), ビンブン(synth), 一星(timbales), 後藤嘉文(conga), 小野たつみね(Sax)

Guest: Manny Mendez (vo) from Salsa Swingoza, Nuevo Viento and more…


とにかく NO MUSIC NO LIFE と感じる君は


クロコの対バンではおなじみのサルサバンド、ヌエボ・ビエントさんの登場も決定! そして、サルサ・スウィンゴザのボーカルでアレキサンダーとは関西のライブでも共演したマニー・メンデスも登場!

盛りだくさんでおとどけします! 是非、祝いに来てくださいね!!! お待ちしています~。

Alexander is going to have his birthday concert for the first time! It will be placed in Crocodile Shibuya! In addition to his usual friends, he will have wondeful guests coming to celebrate his birthday at the concert.

Nuevo Viento, a big salsa band, is Alexander's favorite to play together at Crocodile. Manny Mendez, a main vocalist of Salsa Swingoza, will be coming all the way from Osaka to sing with Alexander.

YOU CAN'T MISS IT!!! Come and celebrate his birthday together at Crocodile on Saturday August 15!!!

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